What you need to know about VP Biden’s VP pick: Biden’s picks and what they mean for America’s future

  • September 14, 2021

Biden, a Democrat, will replace John Kerry as the next commander in chief.

The vice president will replace outgoing President Barack Obama as the longest-serving U.S. president.

Here’s what you need from his VP picks.


Biden’s pick: Joe Biden.

Biden, the Democratic vice president nominee, is widely expected to face Republican Donald Trump in 2020.

The former first lady and senator from Delaware is a popular figure in the party and has been a vocal supporter of Democrats in recent years.

The 76-year-old Biden has a long record of backing Democratic candidates and policies.

The son of a Vietnam veteran, Biden has become an active and respected figure in politics, having worked for Democrats in Congress, governorships and state legislatures.

Biden has previously spoken out about gun violence in the United States.

Biden will be the first sitting vice president to be confirmed in a presidential election, but his picks could give Democrats a fresh perspective on the country and the political climate.

Biden was first elected in 1972 and served until 2008.


Biden picks: Tom Perez.

Perez is the new Democratic chair of the Democratic National Committee, succeeding the former Perez who ran the party from 2008 until 2020.

Perez will take over the reins of the party following the resignation of the former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Perez has been widely praised for his work on behalf of the progressive agenda and is considered a rising star among Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives.

He has been endorsed by several prominent Democratic senators and is widely seen as a potential contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 and beyond.

Perez was previously a top adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.


Biden picking: Donna Brazile.

Brazile, a CNN political commentator and a member of the Clinton campaign, will take on the role of interim chairwoman of the DNC, a position she holds until the 2020 election.

Brazillar is known for her political reporting and has a reputation as a strong and dedicated supporter of Democratic candidates.

She has also taken on some of the more controversial roles during the DNC’s history.

Brazils election as interim chair in 2020 will be a key test for her.


Biden pick: Jeff Sessions.

A retired four-star Marine general who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sessions has a distinguished career in government and military affairs.

He was appointed attorney general by President Donald Trump and served as the chief of staff to then-President Barack Obama.

The first African-American attorney general and the only one of his generation to serve in the White House, Sessions’ political views have shifted in recent months.

He is the first member of his family to be elected to public office.


Biden selecting: Tim Kaine.

Kaine, a Virginia senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is expected to be the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2020, making him the first vice president of the United Sates.

He will be serving in the role until the end of his term in 2024, the last of his four terms as governor.

Kaine has a proven track record of serving in a Democratic administration.

He served as governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2016, and was also the Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate from 2020 to 2024.

He earned national recognition as a Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Virginia and has earned a reputation for being a tireless and persistent advocate for the progressive and diverse values he espouses.

Kaine is the son of former Virginia Gov.

Ralph Northam.


Biden selections: Joni Ernst.

Ernst, the Republican Senate nominee from Iowa, is the second woman to be nominated to be vice president, joining former Sens.

Joe Biden (D-Wis.) and John Kerry (D/D-Mass.).

She has been an outspoken supporter of women and civil rights, and has also been a champion of women in the military and for women in STEM fields.

She is widely viewed as a leading contender for a Democratic presidential run.


Biden Pick: Elizabeth Warren.

The 74-year old Massachusetts senator, who served as a senator for 23 years, is considered one of the most respected and experienced Democratic senators in the country.

She will take the role after retiring from the Senate in 2020 following her unsuccessful run for president in 2016.

In addition to her service as a Massachusetts senator and a United States senator, Warren has served as chair of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the vice president’s chief of security.

Warren has been one of Obama’s most outspoken supporters on a variety of issues including social justice and climate change.

She received the Congressional Gold Medal for her role in the campaign to get the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed.


Biden Picks: Joe Pascrell Jr. Joe Paccrell Jr., the son and former president of Pascull Sports, will be Biden’s vice president pick.

Pascll, a former NFL player, is a highly respected sports broadcaster and author.

He previously worked