The Lad’s Guide to the Oldest WordPress Plugin

  • November 2, 2021

Version 0.1.0 (July 14, 2017) ——————————————————-Version 0.2.0: – Added a support section for the new “Open the plugin” option.

– Added support for WordPress version 2.4.3 and later.

Version 0,1.1: – Updated for WordPress 3.4 (which is now the default WordPress release) and updated for WordPress 4.x.

– Fixed a bug with “Close the plugin window” when using the “Open plugin” button.

Version 1.0.0(May 16, 2018): – Added the “Enable Plugin Support” option to the Plugin Settings panel, and a section for “Save Changes” for plugins that have changed since the last time you ran the plugin.

– Updated to the latest WordPress release, and added support for the latest version of WordPress, 4.4+.

– Added “Show Plugin Version” to the “Plugin Info” tab.

– The “Show Plugins” section is now sorted alphabetically.

– Various minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0.(May 23, 2018) ———————————————————Version 2.1(May 30, 2018), with the new plugin support section and some minor bugfixes: – New section for plugins with new features, including a “Show plugins” tab for plugins and themes that have been updated since the plugin was last updated.

– Several bugfixes and optimizations, including the ability to disable “Open Plugins window” (and the “Close plugin window”) when using “Save changes”.

– A new “Save plugins” section for themes and plugins that you have added to your “Save Plugins list”.

– The plugin settings tab is now sortable by version number.

Version 3.0, 3.1, 3 to 3.5.4, 4 to 4.0.: – Added Plugin Support and “Save Plugin Changes” options to the plugin settings panel.

– Support for WordPress versions 3.6.0 and later, and the new WordPress 4 release.

Version 4.1.: – A “Save plugin changes” option is now available.

Version 5.0., 5.1., 5 to 6.: – Several minor bugfixes.

Version 6.0 to 6.5.: – Various bugfixes.

Version 7.0 : – Added an “Enable plugin support” option, and “Plugin information” tab is a bit more organized.

Version 8.0.*: – Various optimizations, some bugfixes, and some user interface improvements.

Version 9.0*: – Minor bugfixes including some crash fixes.

– A plugin’s name has been renamed from “WordPress” to “WordPress Plugin”, to be more clear for users.

Version 10.0 or higher.: – Support is now on by default.

Version 11.0 is supported, with the possibility of additional plugins coming later.

– This plugin will automatically be updated to WordPress version 12.x, or later, whenever a new version of WordPress is released.

Version 12.0 will be available for all supported versions of WordPress.

Version 13.0+ will be supported by default, and will automatically install all plugins that are installed on the WordPress server.