How to use WordPress redirect plugin

  • August 4, 2021

The WordPress redirect is a WordPress plugin that lets you redirect your page to another WordPress site.

It lets you do a few things, including redirecting a user’s article to another page on the same WordPress site without having to change the content of the page.

I’m going to show you how to use the WordPress redirect in an article on How to Use WordPress redirect plugins.1.

Make a WordPress redirect plug-in for your blog.2.

Open up the Plugins tab in WordPress.3.

Scroll down to the WordPress Direct URL plugin.4.

Click the Add button.5.

In the dialog box that appears, click the New button.6.

In an Edit form, enter the name of your redirect plugin.

(In my example, it’s WP Direct URL)7.

In a New Form, enter your redirect URL in the field that appears.

(You can use this same name for any of your other redirect plugins)8.

Select the WordPress Select plugin to start.9.

When the WordPress menu is displayed, click Next.10.

After you click Finish, the redirect plugin will open in the WordPress Menu.11.

Click Save.

If you’re using a plugin that doesn’t have a redirect plugin, you can open up a new redirect plugin with a different name.

But remember, WordPress has a number of different ways to redirect.

To help you with this, I’ve created a guide on how to create a redirect plug in WordPress called “How to Use WP Direct URLs”.

Here’s how to make one for your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Open up your WordPress menu and select Plugins.

Step 2: In the Plug in tab, click Create a WordPress Directurl Plugin.

Step 3: Fill in the Name field, and then click Save.

Step 4: The WordPress DirectURL plugin will then open.

Step 5: In an edit form, choose the WordPress select plugin.

Step 6: In a new field, enter a redirect URL.

(It’s the same name you used for the WP DirectURL Plugin you just created.)

Step 7: Enter the name in the box that pops up.

(Use this same URL for any other redirect plugin you want to use.)

Step 8: Save your redirect plug.

Step 9: You’re done!

You can now redirect your WordPress article to a different page on your WordPress site by using the WordPress redirected plugin.