How to find a better WordPress password prompt

  • June 11, 2021

A good password prompt is one that is simple to remember and can be used on any website.

It can be very useful for the administrator, but also for those trying to protect themselves.

WordPress has an abundance of options when it comes to password prompts, but we’ve found it useful to use a few common themes for password prompts.

These themes can be found on, WordPress themes, and some third-party themes.

We’ve collected the best password prompts we found and compared them to each other, using the WordPress plugin WP-Auth.

It is worth noting that WordPress password prompts are different than some of the default login prompts found on the web.

For example, the default WordPress login prompt for your Google account is “login”, but not the default for your Facebook account.

If you want to change your password prompt, you’ll have to go through a separate login process.

If your site is using a password manager like WordPress, you can change the password prompt using the WP-Manager plugin.

If a plugin is not available on your platform, check out this post on how to set up a new WordPress plugin with WP-Admin.

If there are other themes that you like, you should definitely try to create your own password prompt theme.

Here are a few of the more popular themes for WordPress password displays: