Which of these are your favourite teams?

  • August 17, 2021

A list of the top 100 teams in the world.

The sport bible says it is the most powerful, exciting and successful football team in the history of the sport.

The article also features the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Here’s the list: BEST TEAMS 1.

Barcelona, Barça 2.

Real Madrid 3.

Real 4.

Bayern Munich 5.

Arsenal 6.

Manchester United 7.

Bayern 8.

Chelsea 9.


Bayern Bayern 11.

Arsenal Bayern 12. Barcelona 13.

Bayern Barcelona 14.

Real Barcelona Barcelona 15.

Real Real Real Barcelona 16.

Barcelona Real Madrid*17.

Real Barça Barcelona 18.

Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona*19.

Barcelona Bayern Bayern*20.

Barcelona Juventus 21.

Barcelona Liverpool 22.

Barcelona Chelsea 23.

Real Chelsea Chelsea 24.

Real Bayern Chelsea 25.

Barcelona Manchester 26.

Barcelona Arsenal*27.

Barcelona Barca*28.

Barcelona Borussia Dortmund 29.

Barcelona Paris Saint-Germain 30.

Bayern Manchester*31.

Bayern Borussia 32.

Real Paris Saint Germain 33.

Bayern Real Madrid**34.

Real Arsenal Arsenal*35.

Real Manchester Arsenal*36.

Real Borussia BSC 37.

Real Monaco*38.

Bayern Paris Saint Germain*39.

Real Tottenham 40.

Real Liverpool*41.

Bayern BSC*42.

Bayern Barca 43.

Real Man City*44.

Bayern Chelsea*45.

Bayern Juventus 46.

Real United 47. Real Boca 48. Real Roma 49.

Real Juventus 50.

Real Atlético Madrid*51.

Real Atletico Madrid*52.

Real Valencia*53.

Real Dortmund*54.

Real Inter 55.

Real Benfica*56.

Bayern Atletico 57.

Real AC Milan*58.

Real Bayer Leverkusen*59.

Bayern Roma 60.

Bayern Bayer Leverhausen 61.

Bayern Ajax*62.

Bayern Man City 63.

Bayern Olympiakos*64.

Real PSG*65.

Bayern Arsenal*66.

Real Sevilla*67.

Real Everton*68.

Real Newcastle 69.

Real Swansea*70.

Bayern Inter 71.

Bayern Sporting 72.

Bayern Everton*73.

Real Southampton 74.

Real Leicester 75. Real Lyon 76.

Bayern Swansea*77.

Real Milan 78.

Bayern Liverpool 79.

Real West Ham*80.

Real Celta Vigo 81.

Real CSKA Moscow*82.

Real Fiorentina*83.

Bayern Werder Bremen*84.

Bayern Hamburg*85.

Bayern Leverkusener Bremens 86.

Bayern Hoffenheim*87.

Bayern Darmstadt*88.

Bayern Schalke 89.

Bayern Dortmund 90.

Real Levante*91.

Bayern Sevilla 92.

Real Siena*93.

Real Palermo*94.

Bayern Sienbrenner 95.

Real Valladolid*96.

Real Villarreal*97.

Real Monchengladbach*98.

Bayern Basel 99.

Bayern München 100.

Real Porto*101.

Bayern PSG 102.

Real Wolfsburg*103.

Bayern Nürnberg 104.

Bayern Hertha 105.

Bayern Zenit 106.

Bayern Hamburger SV 107.

Bayern FC Twente 108.

Bayern Paderborn 109.

Bayern Köln 110.

Bayern VfL Wolfsburg 111.

Bayern Wolfsburg Wolfsburg Wolves 112.

Bayern Ingolstadt 113.

Bayern Mönchenglabre 114.

Bayern Cologne 115.

Bayern Augsburg 116.

Bayern Fürth 117.

Bayern Freiburg 118.

Bayern Leipzig 119.

Bayern Bastia 120.

Bayern Hannover 121.

Bayern Eintracht Frankfurt 122.

Bayern SC Freiburger 123.

Bayern Mainz 124.

Bayern Steaua Bucharest 125.

Bayern Rhein-Main 126.

Bayern West Ham 127.

Bayern Stuttgart 128.

Bayern Lübeck 129.

Bayern Porto 130.

Bayern Linz 131.

Bayern Dynamo 132.

Bayern Rotterdam 133.

Bayern RB Leipziger 134.

Bayern Frankfurt 135.

Bayern Tenerife 136.

Bayern Erzgebirge 137.

Bayern Gladbach 138.

Bayern Bielefeld 139.

Bayern Malmo 140.

Bayern Anderlecht 141.

Bayern Jönköping 142.

Bayern Göteborg 143.

Bayern Hildesheim 144.

Bayern SV Darmstad 145.

Bayern Wurzburg 146.

Bayern Gelsenk

How to create an e-commerce store page using WordPress

  • July 6, 2021

A lot of people like to create a simple e-shop or shopping cart, and then go for a more sophisticated, fancy-looking shop.

But a lot of the time, this isn’t the right way to go, as it may make your site look too generic and make you look too bad to use.

We have some tips on how to create something that is unique and interesting.

But there are a few other problems that come along with doing a shop page that looks like an ecommerce store.

Here’s how you can add some of those problems to a shop that is not going to make sense for your customers.1.

The Shop’s Layout You want to make sure that your shop’s main page and the back page of the shopping cart look the same.

This means that you have to include the full width of the page with the cart and the shopping items and it has to be visible on all devices, so you can easily find it.

For the back of the site, you want to have a sidebar that can be opened and closed.2.

The Shopping Items The shopping items in your shop should be visually appealing and useful.

You can’t have the same product twice.

You want the same amount of stuff in the cart so that the customer can see it as quickly as possible.

For example, the back and front of the shop should have a list of the items you have in stock, and the prices that you are charging for them.3.

The Width of the Shop Your shop should fit into a grid.

You should use a grid of at least 50 columns and 100 rows to make it easy to scroll through the content of your page.

The width of your site should be at least 20 percent of the width of all the content on your page, and it should be 30 percent or less of the content area of all other content on the page.4.

The Number of Items In the Cart You should have at least four items in the shop, and they should be in a clear, distinct line.

It should be clear to the user that they are seeing more than one item.5.

The Height of the Cart Your cart should be as tall as possible, and you should make sure you use the most effective size for the items.

If the height of the cart is lower than what the other cart items are, it’s not going be the best fit for the content.6.

The Title of the Page You should make the title of your shop as clear as possible so that it doesn’t clutter up the navigation of the other pages.

If you don’t, people will assume that you don, and that you’re just doing a crappy job.7.

The Menu You can choose to have the menu on the back or the front of your shopping cart.

The front of each page should have an option for users to choose whether to see the menu or not.

The menu should be prominently displayed at the top of the front page.8.

The Content of the Back of the Site It is recommended that you create a sidebar for each page on the site.

The sidebar should have three options for users: show a list, show a description, and show a shop.

Each page should also have a link to the sidebar.

The back should be visible when users hover over the menu.9.

The Items in the Shopping Cart You want it to be easy for customers to choose the items in their cart.

You don’t want to clutter up your cart with too many products, but it is okay if it is a little bit of a mess.

If there is too much content on each page, users will get frustrated.

To add more clutter to your cart, you should also add an option to hide items from customers.10.

The Price of each Item In the shop you want the prices to be clear, and if the price of an item is too high, users won’t understand that it’s a lot.

You shouldn’t make the prices too high or too low.11.

The Cart’s Height It is also recommended that the cart’s height be set at the minimum of 25 percent of its height.

If it’s too high and you have too many items, it will be difficult to find your customers in the checkout.

You could also add a small text on the front that says: This is a low price.12.

The Pricing Options There are two ways to set prices in the shopping carts.

You choose one of the two options that you see in your shopping carts, and customers can choose the price they want to pay.

You make it clear on the menu that you will adjust the prices for each customer.13.

The Products in the Cart A lot more than just products is available for purchase in your cart.

It is possible to make items available for sale in the shops.

These include clothing, toys, jewelry, kitchen appliances, home decor, and more.

For each item that you make available for buy, you have an image of the