MTV’s DIY, DIY video series ‘Vicious’ hits YouTube and Vimeo for free

  • September 29, 2021

MTV has launched a YouTube series called Vicious that aims to “create an engaging, interactive video experience that celebrates the creative and the beautiful” for a limited time.

The show is available for viewing now on Vimeo.

In the first episode, a woman, played by singer Lauren Stroud, plays the role of an artist in a video studio.

The studio is called the “Cottage of the Beautiful.”

Stroud plays a singer who sings the songs that come from the Cottage.

The Cottage of Beautiful is full of art objects and is filled with art.

The series is made up of videos that are all created by the artist, in the process making the viewer feel like the artist is part of the creative process.

Stroud says in the series, the artist plays a role in the creation of the video, which is “filled with beauty.”

In addition to the songs, the series includes a dance-off between the artist and her own dancing partner.

The dance-offs are filmed and shared on social media with the hashtag #Vicious.

In a video titled “The Dance Party,” Stroud says that the idea behind Vicious was to have a video that celebrates “the beautiful, the bold, and the unique.”

The first video to debut on MTV was the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, in which the video for “Till the Sea Drops” was released.

The song was a mash-up of two different versions of the song, featuring a different chorus.

The mash-ups were performed by Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber.

The videos for “Wake Me Up” and “Til the Sea Falls” were released in February 2015, respectively.

Stroud told The Huffington Post that she was inspired to create the series after watching the music videos of Rihanna and Beyoncé.

In “Wash” and in “TIL the Sea,” Stoughts’ music videos featured her dancing to a sample of the track from “Towel in the Mud,” which was released by Lady Gaga in 2013.

The sample is the main melody of “Tumble.”

Stroud said that she chose to create a video with the samples because they are “a beautiful part of our lives.”

She added that she had wanted to make a series that “would give back and share the art.”

“In a lot of ways, it’s about making a living for a family, but also, you want to make art and you want it to inspire others,” she said.

“And if you can inspire someone, that’s a good thing.”

The show is hosted by Hannah Bier, a video editor who also contributes to Vogue, and produced by Vignette, a studio founded by Stroud and her friend Lauren Staughton.

The two have a mutual admiration for each other, and Bier said she wanted to create something that would bring people together.

“The show has a lot to do with the concept of ‘the family,’ ” Staughtons sister, actress and singer, Bibi Stroud said in a statement to MTV News.

“It’s a very intimate and intimate relationship, and we wanted to give you something that felt like a family.”

The video series was created by Stoughtons sister Bibi, who was a part of MTV’s video team.

Bibi said in an interview with MTV News that the family was a “team” that “shared the same passion.”

The Vignettes shared the first installment of the series with the MTV community, and in a post on Instagram, the team shared the video in collaboration with MTV Music Video Awards producer Lisa Sowles.

“A few weeks later, the video hit #1 on VOD,” Bibi wrote.

“As a fan of MTV, I wanted to help bring this to the masses and create a fun and unique series that fans would love.”

The videos feature the artist’s music and the creative director of the studio, and show the artist in front of the camera, as well as other people in the video.

Bisi said in the post that she hoped to use “visual language to communicate the beauty and creativity of the artist.”

The creative director, Lauren Stawton, is also the founder of Vignettas Studio, a company that creates music videos for various music artists, and has a history of working with artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.