Facebook posts show Palestinian leader ‘disgusted’ with Netanyahu

  • October 27, 2021

The Palestinian leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, on Tuesday called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

Netanyahu has said he is willing to resign if Abbas and the PA accept it, but said he was ready to give a more detailed explanation about what the PA wants from Israel.

Abbas called Netanyahu “the most evil person” and “a murderer,” and accused him of taking the Palestinians’ land and their homes for his own gain.

Netayim said on Monday he has no intention of resigning, but would consider an offer of a one-year suspension in exchange for a “compromise of positions.”

Abbas has called for a unity government with Fatah and Hamas, and Abbas said on Tuesday that the Palestinian National Authority was ready for a new unity government if they agreed to “an independent and fair” reconciliation with Israel.

“If we want to find an independent and free Palestinian state, we need a new government with a new leader,” he said.

“Netanyahu is the most evil man in the world, and if he resigns, the Palestinian leadership will resign as well,” he added.

“We will have no choice but to accept it.”

The two leaders have not spoken since Netanyahu resigned on April 16, ending a 14-month-old peace process.

Netanyahus office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Abrams spokesman, Haitham al-Shalabi, said Abbas was aware of Netanyahu’s statement but that “he will take into consideration the situation and consider his next steps.”

Abrams statement came after a senior Palestinian official on Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the PA leader would not resign and “will continue to fight the occupation.”

The official said Abbas had been “in contact with [Netanyahu] for the last three days” but added that the PA would not give in to his pressure and would not agree to a resignation.

Abdullah al-Zahrawi, a senior Fatah official, also said on Twitter that the PLO would not submit to the pressure from Netanyahu.

NetANYAHU’S PLO HEADS TO JERUSALEM’S STREETS TO APPEAR ON LIVE STREAMSThe Palestinian leader, who has been in office since 2012, said on Wednesday that the Palestinians “cannot give up our lands, our homes and our lands.”

“The occupation will continue to harass us until it is satisfied with the conditions it has set for us, the occupation will be forced to leave and we will be able to live in peace and security,” Abbas said.

Abram said that his people have not accepted Netanyahu’s resignation and were ready to work with him “in order to resolve all issues with the people.”

Abbissias office did no immediate response to a tweet from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Netohyim said the PLOs announcement was in line with the Palestinian peoples demand that they were “united, and in solidarity with each other and with the international community, which will never accept any unilateral steps by Israel.”

The PLO has said it is willing, but not ready, to negotiate a peace deal with Israel, which would see the establishment of Palestinian statehood.

Netahim has said the Palestinians are prepared to talk to Israel about a “just settlement” in the 1967 borders.

“The Palestinian people are ready to negotiate peace with Israel and the Israelis are ready for talks,” he told a conference on Tuesday.

Abu Mazen, a spokesperson for the PLo, told the Associated Press on Wednesday: “The PLOs decision on its leader’s resignation is in line both with the Palestinians demand and the demand of the international parties and is an appropriate and logical move.”

Abu-Jamal al-Jumaili, the PLOA’s spokesperson, told Reuters that Abbas “has made it clear that he wants to discuss with Israel the status of our country, and he will continue the fight for a just peace that will bring a permanent settlement to the Palestinian issues, including the 1967 lines.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas arrives at the Interior Ministry to attend a cabinet meeting in Ramallah, West Bank April 22, 2021.

Ab Abbas on Tuesday announced his resignation from the Palestinian parliament amid criticism from the PL OLC over his handling of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Abdel-Karim al-Baz, the former head of the PL oLC, said in a statement that Abbas was not resigning to save his party from political ruin, and that “it would be a disaster for all the Palestinian political parties.”

Al-Bazzi said the Palestinian leader’s decision came after months of internal debates and deliberations.

“Abbas will not resign,” al-Qazwini said.

“He wants to save himself from his own internal political disaster and to avoid the internal political consequences of his decision.”

The PA’s parliament speaker, Majd al-M