Joomla! vs WordPress app hack

  • July 7, 2021

The wordpress app for your browser.

If you want to try it, you’re going to need a Jooma!

or WordPress account.

But how?

Here’s how to sign up and use it. 1.

Register on the Joomahome site.

You can find the login page here.


Login with your email and password.

You’re now logged in. 3.

Download the WordPress plugin.

Go to this page and register.

It’ll ask for your email, password, and the name of your Joomlacache account.


Install WordPress.

Click “Install” to install the plugin.


Now, when you visit your site, your blog posts will appear on your site.

If there’s a problem, you’ll be redirected to the Word Press login page.


When you click “Go”, WordPress will ask you to confirm your password.

Click on “Yes”.

It’ll then install the WordPress plugin.


Go back to the main page of your site and add a blog post.

If your blog post has a link, you can click on that link and then click “Create New”.


When WordPress is ready, you should see a new “Post” link on the front of your blog.

Click it and it’ll create a new post.


Go into the “Edit” tab.

Select “Edit”.

Select “New Post” from the dropdown.


Click the “New” button.

It will take a moment to create your post.


Click through the post, and you should be able to edit it. 12.

Save it. 13.

Go through your site again.

When your site goes down, you may see the link “Edit Post” pop up.

You’ll need to click on it to edit the post.


Go on your homepage and click on the new post you just created.

It should now be available on your front page.


Click that link.

You should see an email from WordPress informing you that the Word press has updated the plugin to include Joomamax support.

That’s great!

If you didn’t see that message, you might need to update your plugin.

Clicking “Save” should then open up WordPress and it should install WordPress on your website.