How to use WordPress plugin to track your visitors

  • September 1, 2021

By Christian Averman and Gidon Katz / Editor’s note: In this article, we take a look at the popular WordPress plugin that is able to track visitors on the site and give a brief overview of how to use it.1.

Create an account in WordPress and start using itStep 1: Log in to your WordPress accountStep 2: Enter your email addressStep 3: Click the Create a New Account button.

Step 4: Enter the domain name of your site in the domain fieldStep 5: Click NextStep 6: Choose a default theme to use for your blog (we recommend the default theme ‘blog.woot’)Step 7: Enter a title for your site, click NextStep 8: Choose your topic(s)Step 9: Click SubmitStep 10: Enter keyword(s), click Next to proceedStep 11: Enter title(s)/tags for your posts (we will use these to tag them), click FinishStep 12: Choose the format for your content (we are using a standard blog post format), click SubmitStep 13: Click Save your changesStep 14: Enter code in the field to save your post for later useStep 15: Click OkStep 16: Your posts will be displayed in your sidebarStep 17: You can also visit your blog directly from your WordPress dashboard (no need to create a WordPress site account).

Step 18: Click Post to Edit a post (or Edit Posts)Step 19: Scroll down to your post and click EditStep 20: Click on the text you want to change, then click EditPost by: GidonKatz – Editor & Developer, Woot blog, Woots content, (submitted March 31, 2018)